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Not sure if I can wear magnetic eyeliner and lashes?

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are perfect for everyone!

  • For those who typically cannot wear individual eyelash extensions.

  • Safe for those with contacts.

  • Suitable for anyone with eyelash extensions.

  • Perfect for anyone with seasonal allergies.

  • For anyone allergic to eyelash glue. 

  • Great for those looking to change up there look from day to night.  

Do and Don't


  • Always apply 2 coats of eyeliner, each coat must be completely dry before applying lashes.

  • Keep your lashes separated, do not allow them to magnetize together.  

  • Allow yourself extra time when first applying eyeliner and lashes.

  • Be prepared with all your makeup tools, eye makeup remover, Q-tips and mirror.

  • Apply the eyeliner slowly.

  • Be prepared to practice, especially if you're wearing for the first time. 

  • Magnets and lashes must be cleaned after each wear.

  • Must be stored back in the lash case for magnets to be recharged.


  • Do not use Micellar water.

  • Don't rinse over open sink.

  • Never leave lashes laying around, always return to case. 

  • Please take off before MRI.

  • Please do not swim in lashes.

  • Do not wear if skin is broken.

  • Avoid wearing during eyelid lift or Lasik. 

  • Do not sleep in lashes.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, No returns or refunds unless the product is defective. For your safety and health, once the package is opened it cannot be reused or resold. Please call, email or text if you have any questions regarding our policy.


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